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SafeNSound Strapz™

28th Feb 2011

  SafeNSound Strapz™

Product Features

  • Keeps hearing aids and/or eyeglasses securely in place
  • Adjustable without attaching to clothing!
  • Adjusts to grow with your child, Available in Four Sizes
  • Perfect for children, the elderly and the physically or mentally challenged!

Product Description

This Product requires a size (see instructions below)

For those who need added security and retention for use with hearing aids, cochlear implant processors or eyeglasses. SafeNSound StrapzTM are for you!! This product fits snug against the head and adjusts up to 2"! Perfect for infants, toddlers, the physically or mentally challenged, and the elderly. Nursing Home and Hospital staff love this product! The SafeNSound Strapz™ are available in a variety of styles and colors. This product comes with Royal Blue Strap, multiple Royal Blue adjustment beads, depending on size, and adjusts up to 2". Can be worn with any or all simultaneously: Glasses, BTE cochlear implant processors or hearing aids. All SafeNSound™ products are available with a wide variety of adjustment beads, including, but not limited to: animals: cats, dogs, giraffes, rhino's, elephants, lions, fish; planes, trains, and automobiles; various shapes: hearts, stars, balls, butterflies, glitter, even glow in the dark! Sportz Strapz™ also available. When ordering, please specify strap color and adjustment bead color and type. Will NOT affect the sound quality or clarity of your hearing device!!! If you need this product for only one BTE product, look for SafeNSound Single Clipz™ Also look for our SafeNSound ClipzTM or Barretz™
For use with BTE hearing aids, cochlear implant processors, prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses.

 All SafeNSound™ products are made from top quality tested materials and are designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

Note: Sizing Information: The SafeNSound Strapz™ are the only one that requires a size. All of the clips are one size fits all. However, you can order a clip in size infant with a smaller adjustment bead for little heads, which will be 2" shorter in length. For proper fit measure from top of left hearing aid or Cochlear Implant BTE Processor, loosely around base of head to top of right device. If you are in between sizes, choose the smaller one, or better yet, ask for a custom fit in the special instructions section of our order form. The size you order will be the SMALLEST size; your strap will adjust up to 2" larger, but will NOT adjust smaller! The strap comes in sizes Infant 6", Toddler - 7 1/2", Child - 9" and Youth - 11". If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. You are our top priority! For eyeglasses/sunglasses: measure from the part of the bow that reaches behind one ear, around the base of the head and up to the same spot on the other bow. For small aids: Unscrew J-hook from aid, slide silicone loop over hook and slide PVC ring to tighten. Replace J-hook and repeat on other aid. For large aids or BTE CI processors: Slide silicone loop over the top or bottom of the aid and slide to the center of the aid to the point that seems to hold the aid in place best. If you find that the adjuster slide prevents you from stretching the fitting loop to fit your aid, simply slide to remove it, which should make the fitting loop stretch to accommodate even the largest aids and cochlear implant processors. For glasses/sunglasses, slide bow of glasses through the adjustable loop and slide to tighten.